As the global market continues to transition into a highly-digitized environment, different emerging disruptors and industry leaders can no longer resist the multitude of features that cloud-based services can offer. For enterprises with a global operation, running a cloud environment provides a single point of control that could simplify the enforcement of environment-wide policies and compliant procedures. 

But deploying a cloud management platform (CMP) isn’t as simple as it sounds. For businesses to fully leverage the advantages of cloud operations, a team of experts and cutting-edge technology are needed to optimize the efficiency of CMP solutions.


Our client, a private equity-owned digital media company, tripled its volume after acquiring accounts from the FMCG industry’s big players such as Procter and Gamble, Nike, and other leading brands. To allow a seamless collaboration within their global teams, the client introduced a Media Management Platform that could coordinate media agency plans across 10 or more countries. As such, the client sought help from TeamSpan for a back-office support team that could help coordinate media plans, centralize data with their global teams, and store these data in the cloud.


TeamSpan jumped right into the action and created a tailored recruitment program that could attract a talent pool with experience in media marketing, cloud database management and amenable to work in different time zones. (USA, Europe, Asia) As soon as the team was assembled and equipped with the tools and training essential for the role, daily briefing with all participating country leads was initiated to help standardize global workflow and manage upcoming demands. TeamSpan also provided the team with infrastructure and an auxiliary support system that could sustain remote capabilities and remote management operations.


The client’s Media Management Platform received a positive reception upon release. The client’s global partners applauded its efficiency and comprehensive features. Soon enough, a $200 Million Advertising Services and Software company eventually acquired the Media Management Platform software – securing a stronger return on investment than what our client has initially anticipated. Due to the platform’s success, our client expanded operations and scaled up further to support the continuous demand for more global media partners that can help streamline and organize media plans on the cloud platform.