We often wish a few more hours are added to our day – just so we can attend to all of the tasks on our plate. For growing businesses, juggling the different moving parts that make up the corporate ecosystem can be quite overwhelming. Hiring additional help seems like the most obvious choice. But doing so means going through another tedious process of talent acquisition and of course, the additional overhead costs.

Sometimes, we just want a professional problem solver that can take care of some of our “to-dos” – like what Jarvis is to Iron Man! (Okay, that might be a little too far-fetched.) If there’s anything we have learned in the rise of digital transformation, it’s that it is extremely possible to work with anyone, anywhere in the world. With the right technology and infrastructure, remote collaboration can happen as if your partner is just in the room next to yours.


Due to the recent real estate bubble, a Real Property Tax Advisor experienced a surge in cases to be reviewed and submitted to the assessor’s office from different local counties. However, as this client operates a small team, the lack of workspace hindered them from onboarding any additional manpower. The goal was to find a talent who could help document real estate property assessment reports in a timely manner and support the client’s sales and marketing activities.


To provide a talent that fits what this client needs the most, TeamSpan tailored a recruitment program that can attract a multi-skilled Virtual Assistant who could help with service delivery and wear multiple hats – whether in Administrative Support, Executive Assistance, or Marketing. We also worked side by side with the clients in training the Virtual Assistant on service delivery. The next step was investing in IP technology and cloud computing to enable meaningful collaboration between the clients and their Virtual Assistant.


Despite the continuous surge in requests, the Virtual Assistant remained agile in submitting pending property assessment reports – leaving no backlogs for the client. The client also had access to TeamSpan’s auxiliary teams and resources at hand to help their Virtual Assistant be successful in her role. The clients saw the value in bringing in a Virtual Assistant and scaled up with more Virtual Assistants who can support the entire Executive Management branch.